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  in Abomey-Calavi Benin  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Synthetic Diamond Grit Powder with Different Sizes From 35 40 to 500 600 manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

We can offer a full-assortment of energy transmission products like chains, sprockets and plate wheels, pulleys, gearboxes, motors, couplings, gears and racks. If you are intrigued in any of our products or would like to talk about a likely order, remember to really feel free of charge to contact us. PersonnelOur sales persons are effectively educated to accommodate your requests and communicate English for your comfort. Crushed Synthetic Diamond Grit with Different Measurements

Crushed Artificial Diamond Grits – EPTnomical Type (CDG-E)

Item Functions: With large good quality single crystal diamonds from ZhongNan Business as the uncooked resources, crushed artificial diamond grits are produced soon after crushing, purification, EPTing and other processes EPTnomical variety crushed synthetic diamond grits have irregular crystal condition, tough floor and exceptional sharpness.

Software Fields: EPTnomical kind crushed synthetic diamond grits are mainly employed to manufacture abrasives products bonded by resin, vitrified/ceramics and electroplating.

Optional Grit Dimensions
Product Category Grit Dimensions (Mesh)
CDG-E 35/40, 40/45, forty five/50, 50/sixty, sixty/70, 70/80, eighty/100, 100/120, a hundred and twenty/140, a hundred and forty/170, 170/200, two hundred/230, 230/270, 270/325, 325/400, 400/five hundred, 500/600, and so forth.
Observe: EPT Specification can be personalized according to customer’s requirements.

Crushed Synthetic Diamond Grits – Substantial Strength Variety (CDG-HS)

Item Characteristics: EPTased on the inexpensive sort of synthetic diamonds, high power crushed artificial diamond grits are manufactured after shaping and optimizing so that their crystal styles are near to the circle, which can enhance the provider life of abrasive grains.

Software Fields: Higher strength crushed artificial diamond grits are mainly utilized to manufacture abrasives products bonded by large-end resin, vitrified/ceramics and electroplating. It is a very good selection for machining hard alloy, reducing tool, measuring instrument and non-metal substance.

Optional Grit Dimension
Merchandise Category Grit Dimensions (Mesh)
CDG-HS 35/40, forty/45, 45/50, fifty/sixty, 60/70, 70/80, 80/a hundred, 100/one hundred twenty, one hundred twenty/140, a hundred and forty/one hundred seventy, one hundred seventy/200, 200/230, 230/270, 270/325, 325/four hundred, four hundred/five hundred, 500/600, etc.
EPT Specification can be tailored in accordance to customer’s needs.

Merchandise Classification
Diamond Type Product Designation Merchandise Group
Crushed Artificial Diamond Grits CDG-E Crushed Synthetic Diamond Grits – EPTnomical Sort
CDG-HS Crushed Synthetic Diamond Grits – Substantial Toughness Sort
Synthetic Diamond Micron Powder DMP-E Artificial Diamond Micron PowEPT- EPTnomical Kind
DMP-HS Synthetic Diamond Micron PowEPT- Substantial Toughness Sort
DMP-WSD Artificial diamond micron powEPTfor diamond wire saw ampelectroplated products
DMP-PCD/PDC Artificial diamond micron powEPTfor PCD/PDC
DMP-C Synthetic diamond micron powEPTfor abrasive compound
Coated Artificial Diamond Abrasive CDP-Ni Nickel-coated synthetic diamond abrasive
CDP-Ti EPTium-coated artificial diamond abrasive
CDP-CU Copper-coated synthetic diamond abrasive

Optional Particle Measurement
Item Classification Particle Dimension (Mesh)
CDG-E 35/forty, 40/45, forty five/fifty, fifty/sixty, sixty/70, 70/eighty, eighty/a hundred, a hundred/120, 120/one hundred forty, a hundred and forty/a hundred and seventy, 170/200, 200/230, 230/270, 270/325, 325/400, four hundred/five hundred, five hundred/600, and so on.
CDG-HS 35/forty, forty/45, forty five/fifty, fifty/60, sixty/70, 70/80, 80/a hundred, a hundred/a hundred and twenty, a hundred and twenty/one hundred forty, 140/one hundred seventy, one hundred seventy/two hundred, 200/230, 230/270, 270/325, 325/400, 400/five hundred, five hundred/600, and so forth.
Solution Group Particle Dimension (Micron)
DMP-E -.five, -1, .five-one, .five-1.5, -two, one-2, .5-3, one-3, one.5-three, 2-three, 2-four, 2-5, 3-six, 3-seven, four-8, four-9, 5-ten, five-12, 6-twelve, seven-14, eight-16, 8-twenty, ten-twenty, 12-22, 12-twenty five, 15-twenty five, twenty-thirty, 22-36, 30-40, 30-fifty, 36-54, forty-60, fifty-70, 54-80, and many others.
DMP-HS -.five, -one, .five-1, .five-one.five, -two, 1-2, .five-three, one-three, one.five-three, 2-three, 2-4, two-5, 3-6, 3-7, four-8, 4-nine, five-ten, 5-12, six-twelve, 7-14, 8-sixteen, eight-20, ten-twenty, 12-22, 12-25, fifteen-twenty five, twenty-thirty, 22-36, 30-40, thirty-50, 36-fifty four, 40-60, 50-70, fifty four-80, and so on.
DMP-WSD five-ten, seven-8, 5-twelve, six-12, 8-nine, seven-fourteen, eight-twelve, 20-30, 22-36, 30-40, 35-45, forty-fifty, forty five-55, and so on.
DMP-PCD/PDC 2-4, 3-six, 8-twelve, eight-16, ten-twenty, twenty-30, 30-forty, 36-fifty four, and many others.
DMP-C -.5, -one, .5-one, .five-one.5, -2, 1-2, .five-three, one-three, 1.five-3, two-three, 2-four, two-five, 3-5, 3-six, 4-six, three-7, 4-8, 4-9, 5-10, five-twelve, six-twelve, 7-fourteen, eight-16, eight-20, ten-20, 12-22, 12-twenty five, fifteen-twenty five, twenty-30, 22-36, 30-forty, 30-50, 36-fifty four, 40-60, fifty-70, fifty four-80, and so on.
Item Class Particle Measurement
CDP-Ni fifty/60mesh – 325/400mesh, 5 mum-sixty mum, and many others.
CDP-Ti fifty/60mesh – 325/400mesh, 5 mum-60 mum, and so on.
CDP-Cu 50/60mesh – 325/400mesh, five mum-60 mum, etc.
EPT Specification can be customized in accordance to customer’s requirements.

Grit dimensions comparison desk:

ISO ampJIS EPT 4130:1998 FEPA
(D-Diamond -CEPTN)
(D- Diamond -CEPTN)
#915 OCT9206-eighty
Grit Mesh
Grit Mesh
Grit Size
Grit Dimensions
forty/forty five 425/355 426 425/355 D/EPT426 425/355 forty/forty five 425/300 D/EPT426 425/355 400/315 four hundred/315
forty five/50 355/300 356 355/300 D/EPT356 355/300 D/EPT356 355/three hundred
fifty/60 three hundred/250 301 50/60 300/250 D/EPT301 300/250 fifty/sixty three hundred/250 D/EPT301 three hundred/250 315/two hundred 315/two hundred
60/70 250/212 251 250/212 D/EPT251 250/212 sixty/eighty 250/one hundred eighty D/EPT251 250/212 250/two hundred 250/200
70/80 212/a hundred and eighty 213 212/one hundred eighty D/EPT213 212/180 D/EPT213 212/180 200/one hundred sixty two hundred/one hundred sixty
eighty/100 one hundred eighty/150 181 80/a hundred 180/one hundred fifty D/EPT181 180/one hundred fifty 80/a hundred one hundred eighty/one hundred fifty D/EPT181 a hundred and eighty/a hundred and fifty
a hundred/one hundred twenty a hundred and fifty/125 151 one hundred/120 150/a hundred twenty five D/EPT151 a hundred and fifty/125 100/one hundred twenty one hundred fifty/one hundred twenty five D/EPT151 150/one hundred twenty five one hundred sixty/a hundred twenty five a hundred and sixty/125
120/one hundred forty a hundred twenty five/106 126 120/140 a hundred twenty five/106 D/EPT126 one hundred twenty five/106 one hundred twenty/one hundred forty a hundred twenty five/106 D/EPT126 one hundred twenty five/106 one hundred twenty five/100 one hundred twenty five/one hundred
140/a hundred and seventy 106/ninety 107 140/one hundred seventy 106/90 D/EPT107 106/ninety a hundred and forty/one hundred seventy 106/ninety D/EPT107 106/ninety 100/eighty one hundred/eighty
a hundred and seventy/two hundred 90/75 91 one hundred seventy/200 ninety/seventy five D/EPT91 90/75 170/200 90/75 D/EPT91 90/75
two hundred/230 75/sixty three 76 two hundred/230 seventy five/63 D/EPT76 seventy five/63 two hundred/230 75/sixty three D/EPT76 seventy five/63 80/sixty three 80/63
230/270 sixty three/fifty three sixty four 230/270 63/53 D/EPT64 sixty three/53 230/270 sixty three/fifty three D/EPT64 63/fifty three sixty three/50 63/50
270/325 53/forty five 54 270/325 fifty three/45 D/EPT54 fifty three/45 270/325 53/45 D/EPT54 53/forty five fifty/40 fifty/40
325/400 forty five/38 46 325/four hundred 45/38 D/EPT46 forty five/38 325/four hundred 45/38 D/EPT46 45/38

MicropowEPTMesh Measurement and Comparison desk:

EPT GEPT6966.2-86 JIS6002-63 FEPA EPT
DIN 848-sixty five EPT.S.1987 #915 OCT9206-80 G.E.CO. De EPTeers Co.
Grit (Measurement Selection) Grit Dimensions Selection Grit Dimension Selection Grit Measurement Variety Grit Dimensions Selection Grit (Measurement Selection) Grit (Dimension Selection) Grit (Measurement Selection) Grit (Measurement Selection)
36-fifty four 400 37/43 M63 forty two-eighty four 60 fifty four-80 D45 forty/50 40-sixty 60/forty 36-fifty four 30-sixty
22-36 five hundred 34/28 M40 27-53 forty five 36-54 D35 32/forty 27-forty forty/28 22-36 20-40
twenty-thirty 600 28/24 M25 16-34 thirty 22-36 D25 25/32 18-27 28/20 twenty-30 15-30
12-22 700 24/20 M16 10-22 15 12-22 D20 25/forty 12-eighteen twenty/fourteen twelve-22
ten-twenty 800 20/sixteen D20A twenty five/30 ten-20 ten-twenty
one thousand 16/13 D20EPT thirty/40 fourteen/10 10-fifteen 8-sixteen
8-twelve 1200 thirteen/ten 9 eight-12 D15 fifteen/twenty five eight-12 ten/7 6-twelve six-twelve
6-twelve 1500 ten/eight M10 six-fourteen D15A 10/fifteen 5-10
5-10 2000 eight/six M6.three four-9 six 4-nine D15EPT 15/20 four-eight four-eight
four-eight 2500 6/5 D15C 20/25 four-eight 7/five three-six 3-6
3-six 3000 5/4 D7 five/10
2.five-five 4000 4/3 M4. two.5-5.five 3 two.five-five.5 D3 two/5 five/three
two-4 5000 3/2 M2.5 one.5-3.5 2-4 3/two two-4 two-4
1.five-three M1.six 1.-2.5 1 1.5-3.five one-3 1.five-3
-two one/two 1.-two.5 2/1 -2 -2
.five-1.five 8000 two/1 M1. .five-1.5 D1 one/two one-2 1-two .seventy five-1.5
.five-1. D0.7 .5/one .5-1
-one. 15000 1/ -1 1/ -1 -1
-.5 D0.twenty five le0.5 -.5 .05

Company Profile:

Kumthai Abrasives Co., Ltd., one particular of the very best diamond abrasives suppliers in EPT, positioned in HangEPT, an EPTant deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) metropolis aEPT the quotEPTelt and Street quot and also a central town of EPT abrasives merchandise and superhard content industry, have EPTted by themselves to the export company of EPT diamond abrasives for a lot of a long time. As an audited supplier in Produced-in-EPT, Kumthai Abrasives has a total and EPT production and quality administration system, and greater client providers. OEM, ODM and very own EPTrand(KUMTHAI) can be presented according to customer’s demands.

Our Advantages:

one. With many a long time of export encounters and great trustworthiness, we supply clientele with stable item top quality and specialist specialized guidance.
two. OEM, ODM services and our possess brand (KUMTHAI) are supplied in accordance to customers’ demands.
three. Higher quality single crystal diamonds from ZhongNan Firm as the raw resources guarantee the greatest quality of our items.
4. Administration Method Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 9000, ISO 14001, ISO 14000
five. EPT with distinct grades and dimensions can satisfy various market users’ demand from customers for distinct product good quality and prices.
six. We assure that our items are great quality with aggressive prices, and shipping and delivery in time.
7. EPT study and deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment toughness: EPT firm’s personnel have the related self-control history of abrasive grains and superhard materials, and know far more about abrasives and grinding. EPTy would like to supply far better providers for consumers to satisfy their various needs. What is a lot more, EPT invites senior research authorities from HangEPT EPT Institute for Abrasives amp Grinding Co., Ltd. and ZheJiang College of EPT as product consultants, which can assist to obtain in-depth solution complex cooperation with customers and better matching calls for, merged with EPT’s EPT positive aspects.

Our Companies:

one. Your inquiries will be replied in 24 working hours
2. Cost-free samples provided in certain amount and sent inside ten times
3. EPT listing, bill and C.O. or other data you want can be supplied at the leading pace
4. Any queries about products and EPT will be answered sincerely and professionally.
5. Relevant goods sourcing services.

Frequently Requested Queries:

Q1: Can you supply cost-free samples for artificial diamond powder?
A: Sure, totally free samples can be presented in specified quantity, but huge samples and EPT merchandise with demand.

Q2: Can I have a sample orEPTfor your products?
A: Indeed, we welcome sample orders to check and examine the high quality.

Q3: What is your delivery time?
A: Sample buy: Within 7 working days
Mass buy: In 25 daEPTafter 30% deposit EPTd for conventional merchandise. Negotiation for EPT products.

This autumn: What is your payment terms?
A: T/T, D/P, L/C and so on.

Q5: Do you provide personalized goods in accordance to customer’s demands?
A: Indeed, OEM, ODM providers and our possess brand name (KUMTHAI) are offered according to customers’ needs.

Q6: Are all your merchandise on the internet site?
A: Not all the products on the website. For some related products or the sizes that are not incEPTd on the internet site, make sure you make an inquiry separately.

How to acquire the goods you need?

one. Please notify us the specifications and makes use of of the goods you need, and we will recommend the most suitable types for you.
two. If you are content with our solution, we would like to supply samples for screening at your ask for at any time.
3. If you are content with the samples, you should place orders with us.
4. Inside of seven daEPTafter the confirmation, we will send your merchandise by air or convey supply, and possibly the time is shorter.
five. For your EPT requirements, we will supply you with EPT services solution.

  in Abomey-Calavi Benin  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Synthetic Diamond Grit Powder with Different Sizes From 35 40 to 500 600 manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Abomey-Calavi Benin  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Synthetic Diamond Grit Powder with Different Sizes From 35 40 to 500 600 manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler